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Monday morning prayer

Gracious God, please tell me again that I do not have to be Great. Tell me that breathing my way through the day is a triumph, that kindness is sufficient, that honesty is beauty.

Good Lord, holy Mother/Father/Sister/Brother, please dwell in my overzealous shoulders and my weighty belly; please settle into my raw heart; please awaken in my womb and my toenails and my chilly hands. There are crumbs on the counter and hesitations in my mind. I know next to nothing about my future and I call into question my beliefs about my past.

I am, in fact, not the person I planned to be. Please tell me I’m still everything you dreamed of. Flick the light switch in my heart and say, “Surprise! Happy life! This is it! You’ve already made it!”

Or if not – if in reality there is no switch – sit down here next to me and let’s just breathe a while. I promise I’ll be okay if you promise the same to me.

6 thoughts on “Monday morning prayer”

  1. Hannah: I cannot but think you are everything God has planned for you to be and more. But recall that also “who you are” is less what you see in the mirror and more the face that was there before you were ever born, before your parents were even born.

    That Self, which can be no more separated from God than a wave can be separate from the ocean, is and always has been your only true Self. This is the only truth of Who you are.

  2. Who you are is undefinable, ever-changing, impermanent, interdependent, and basically good. Don’t be afraid of who you are.

    Breathing and praying with you, love.

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