another (brief) lesson in surrender

| May 29, 2014

I have an hour till David comes home with our niece and nephew. An hour to clean up from lunch and water the plants and type the emails and make the phone call and maybe – just maybe – write the overdue blog entry. I love the way Ally and Jack take over our lives when we’re together. I just want enough time to write about it.

they call him Uncle Awesome for a reason


Gus sniffs out my desire for efficiency and drapes himself where I can’t miss him.

can't miss

Thank heaven for a year (or maybe 33?) that’s been steadily eroding my desire for efficiency. I rest my weary head upon the cat.

This is life, actually. One interruption after another. When I surrender my master plan, I finally start to hear the purring.surrender

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Hannah Lynn Mell grew up a missionary kid in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii. Now she lives in Amesbury, Massachusetts with her exquisitely kind husband David, their plucky three-legged cat Thomas, and a needy-yet-lovable dachshund named Birdie. She's worked with singers since 1998 and loves to help people of all ages free their voices. She's currently earning a Master of Social Work degree with the hope of using creative, expressive modalities in clinical settings.

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  1. Nancy H says:

    I LOVE this, Hannah! And I know the truth of it well!