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looking back

Looking back, you’ll want to be able to say that you walked in all kinds of weather.

all kinds of weather

You’ll want to know that you caught the branches in the midst of their greening. You’ll want to remember how they wore the droplets with casual elegance, like Jackie O. in her pearls.

like Jackie O.

Perhaps you were weary, but so were the newborn daffodils. You felt comforted watching them droop their radiant heads.

radiant heads drooping

Much of the world was covered in gray, but you found the cracks and the crevices. How easy it was to delight you! Any spark of green would do.

cracks and crevices


any spark of green

You had boots and you used them.

you had boots and you used them

Any penny seemed lucky to you.

any penny

You took refuge when you wanted it, but never for long.

temporary refuge

When given a choice between earth and cement, you opted for earth.


You kept your date with the ocean when others stayed home.

when others stayed home

The surf serenaded you, and the halyards clattered against the flagpoles with jubilant arrhythmia.

jubilant arrhythmia

Debris enticed you no less than the sugar sand of summer.

enticing debris

Indeed, you came upon pictures pretty enough to frame, pictures that would wash away before anyone else spied them.

prettier than a picture

You grew as wise and as wet as any common bird.

common birds

common bird

How satisfied you were, satisfied enough to take your own picture.


At home you put off the tidying you’d planned.

put off the tidying

You boiled water for tea.


You shut down your e-mail and your calendar and your to-do lists. None of your dry, logical tasks seemed essential anymore. Take note of that. You had so many things piled up, but you nudged them aside and started something new.

something new

2 thoughts on “looking back”

  1. tomorrow will be here soon. i will get to listen to you tomorrow.
    thank you for your lovely voice tonight ;o)
    i will dream sweetly now,
    with visions of ocean wave!

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